Scholarships & Awards

The Loyal Trinity Volunteer Ranger Award

The Loyal Trinity Volunteer Ranger Award (LTVRA) is an annual award recognizing a person, past or present, who has demonstrated a commitment to the preservation, presentation and promotion of our collective heritage.

The award is named after the Loyal Trinity Volunteer Rangers who were formed during the War of 1812 under the command of William Kelson to defend Trinity Harbour and the nearby communities. Many of the restored armaments found at Fort Point were due to this effort and fort reactivation.

Rupert Morris Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship recipient, as determined by the school, will be a Level 2 or 3 (Grade 11 or 12) Social Studies (or similar program that is being offered in a current year) student who has demonstrated an appreciation for history.

The recipient will receive a $200.00 award and a plaque engraved with their name, date and the THS crest presented by a board member. A photo and biography of the recipient will be hung in Lester Garland House for one year, and published in the Trinity Bight Enterprise and THS Newsletter.

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