Current Projects

Exterior Brick work Lester Garland House

Reconstructed in the mid-1990s this historic site opened in June 1997 after many years of fundraising initiatives, government support and planning. The exterior brick work of the site has now experienced some deterioration and is need of being repaired. The repairs are estimated to costs $43,000.00 and must be undertaken to prevent further damage. We are in the midst of planning a campaign for donations towards this work. Stay tuned and check back here real soon and watch for updates to our Facebook page on how you can become involved.

Reconstruct Hearth at Green Family Forge

Donated by Ada Green, whose family operated the Forge from the 1700s until her father Andrew, the last of the family blacksmiths died in 1955. The Forge operates as a living history blacksmith museum with the Blacksmiths, Wade Ivany and Devin Hookey. In 2022, one of the two chimneys at this historic site was noted to be cracked and was removed. A new chimney is required to carry on with our educational programming of demonstrating this craft and to make products for sale. The estimated costs is $22,000.00.

We have now launched a unique fundraising campaign for undertaking this work.

Rev. Dr. John Clinch Monument

Rev. Dr. John Clinch administered the first vaccination (against smallpox) in the New World in Trinity, Newfoundland in 1800. The Trinity Historical Society (THS) is proposing that a bronze statue of Dr. Clinch performing an inoculation be erected in Trinity to commemorate this event. This statue would be a powerful symbol of the importance of vaccination itself, as well as honour Clinch. We are fundraising to honour Clinch and his achievement. We are directing our fund raising efforts primarily to corporate entities but any donation is gratefully accepted.