Court House, Gaol and General Building

about imageConstructed in 1903, the structure is similar to other government buildings of the day in Greenspond, Bonavista and Placentia. In addition to the court and gaol (jail), the building housed the police constable and his family, the Customs House, the Magistrate’s Office and the Post and Telegraph Office.

In 2010, the Trinity Historical Society completed a number of renovations on this building. These included replacing the existing tower roof with a replica of the original (which had been removed in the late 1940s or early 1950s) and the installation of the clock. The original clock facing was salvaged when the tower was removed and placed in storage.

This building is currently home to the Trinity Chocolate Company where they produce their chocolate (Aunt Sarah's) and ice cream products (Sweet Rock). For additional information on the Court House, Gaol and General Building please visit the Heritage NL website.