Photo Shoot Rental Opportunities

Trinity is a great town with amazing scenery and architecture that are perfect backdrops for weddings, graduations and family photography shooting locations. All photographers have their favourite photography locations and these are some of ours. Given the variety of locations, Trinity is definitely unique.

Lester-Garland House (Trinity)

This beautiful house, a large, brick Georgian residence has been reconstructed to be used as a museum and education centre to rekindle, promote and celebrate the strong historical and cultural links between Newfoundland and the west of England, especially those between Trinity and Dorset. Features include large garden, benches, stone walls & spiral stairs. Parking is available.

The Cooperage (Trinity)

Since at least as early as the 17th century, the shoreline and area adjacent to where the cooperage is located was used for fisheries and shipping-related activities: initially as part of a seasonal "fishing room" for processing and drying codfish and subsequently for an expanding mercantile enterprise owned and operated by the Taverner, Lester, Garland and Ryan families. Charming old architecture on beautiful landscape with harbour view. Parking is available.

Fort Point Military Site (Trinity)

Fort Point, also known as Admiral’s Point, was fortified in 1746 with three batteries mounting 18 guns, a store house, a powder magazine, barracks for 224 soldiers and a pavilion for 9 officers, all surrounded by parapets and palisades. Features include, ocean view, rugged coastline, lighthouse view & cannons dating from the 1700s.  Parking is available.

Former St. Luke's Church (Old Bonaventure)

The church is believed to be the second church if not the third, with the name St. Luke’s. The first church being probably located in the vicinity of the old cemetery near the harbour. Records show that a church was blown down in a June gale in the late 1800s. In 1891 only three services were held April 5, June 2 and July 2 and the first service in 1892 was March 6 with the church being consecrated on November 13, 1892 by Bishop Jones when the Rev’d. William Weaver was rector of the parish. The church was last used for service in 2004 and has since been closed and was officially deconsecrated in December 2009. Features include, Charming old architecture, original contents, seating for 150 people & located in the scenic village of Old Bonaventure.

If you are interested in rental of any of the above locations please feel free to contact us .