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Fort Nicholas

According to Rev. Edmund Hunt’s book – “Aspects of the History of Trinity” an old diary from merchants Slade and Kelson dated 1820 contains the following entry – “HMS Egeria’s men are erecting a two-gun battery on the summit of Rider’s Hill which is to receive the name of Fort Nicholas”… There is also mention in Hunt’s book that in some of Trinity’s Court Records that there was a “signal station set up by Captain David Buchan of HMS Adonis and Captain William Blamey.”

An archival Telegram letter to the editor dated July 22, 1967 from Walter White states that, “This suggested Signal Station was, no doubt, the “Signal Post” that is mentioned ten years later in the entry of 29th August 1823 in a diary, the complete text of which we were privileged to copy when it was brought to this country a few years ago. The entry reads: “Here there is a sort of fort situated on a commanding height immediately over town. It mounts, at present, only two guns which are placed by the Signal Post.” This entry was made during the visit of the HMS Egeria, when a Captain Fisher, in the capacity of Surrogate Judge, held Court in Trinity for a period of one week.”

Cannon on Gun Hill


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