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Gun Hill

Rider's Hill or sometimes Ryder’s Hill is the central natural landmark of Trinity Harbour, standing behind the main town. A lower level behind the Lester-Garland premises is called Gun Hill having once been fortified with a couple of cannons and named Fort Nicholas.

In a Report of the Defences of Trinity conducted by the Royal Engineers in 1812 they stated,

“The remaining Guns in Trinity are two 12 pds. on Rider’s Hill which are spiked, much honeycombed and apparently of no use - also 5 -24pds. and one 6pds. quite unserviceable - The volunteers who have taken the Oath of Allegiance and appear very desirous of improving are divided into 2 companies, one of Artillery of 50 men, and the other of 100 men armed with Muskets and sealing guns -Mr. Kelson is the Commandant of the whole and has particular direction of the Artillery - Mr. Jenkins commands the other Company.”

The Artillery of men that is referred to above was known as the Loyal Trinity Volunteer Rangers (LTVR). Further information regarding these men can be found here.

Gun Hill Gun Hill

In 2012-2013 Trinity Historical Society completed research and development into the Fort Nicholas site and established a Look Out, Interpretation and Rest Area on Gun Hill in the approximate location of the area of the former Fort where there was believed to have also been a Signal Station established for 1812 in preparation of a possible attack.

From this location one will get an exquisite view of what was named by Sir Richard Whitbourne in 1615 as "....the best and largest Harbour in the New World." Details on five bilingual interpretation panels will provide a brief timeline of the history of the Town of Trinity; a description of the Fort Nicholas Site and the Fort Point site, which is located across the Harbour and is also open to the public for visitation.  The two remaining cannons have been restored and a picnic/rest area developed for those that have hiked the trail to the location.

A further hike along the trail will lead one to the highest peak, Rider's Hill, which will provide a 360 degree view of the three arms that make up Trinity Harbour and also allow one to see out into Trinity Bay.

Gun Hill



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